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About us

History of JSC "Lidselmash"

The enterprise “Lidselmash” was founded in 1901 year as an iron foundry, where production of farming implements and the simplest agricultural machines for horse traction was started.

The enterprise “Lidselmash” was the only one factory in the former USSR producing mounted and semi—mounted potato planters and potato diggers, which were exported around all united republics.

The enterprise “Lidselmash” was reorganized in Open joint-stock company in 1994 year. Today “Lidselmash” is one of the leading company in the republic aspiring to realize its ambitious plans.

We produce 51 models of agricultural machines. It is potato planters and potato diggers, tillage machines, drills, machines for harvesting of grasses and forages, forest machines, municipal vehicles.

In 2005 year “Lidselmash” started production of grain cleaning and drying complexes KZSV-30 and KZSV -40 operating on liquid fuel or gas. The grain drying and cleaning plant is intended for acceptance lots of grains, leguminous, corn, rape and cereals from transport, its subsequent preliminary clearing, drying, time storage and unloading in vehicles or storehouse.

Materials of high quality are used for production of the complexes, all spare parts are produced at modern, high-technology machines, giving 100% guaranty of each element standard.

New high-technological radiator line was started in July 2009. Radiators “Lidea” are produced at new welding line from leading European producer. Each radiator controls on durability and hermiticity with air pressure of 13 bars, after that it is sent to an automatic painting line. Radiators “Lidea” are shipped packed and completed with a fastening, an air vent, a plug. Each radiator is marked with a bar code in EAN/UNISCAN system.

Average productive capacity of the radiator plant is 240 thousand radiators per year at two shift work schedule.

We produce two models of radiators “Lidea Compact” (with side connection) and “Lidea Universal” (with bottom connection). Wide type range of radiators allows to design efficient and aesthetic heating systems taking into account different architectural ideas.

More information about radiators “Lidea” you can find at our web-site www.lidea.by.

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