Seeding SPCH-6L

Sowing machine of exact seeding SPCH-6L


Sowing machine of exact seeding SPCH-6L

It is intended for sowing plants that need ploughing: maize, sunflower, soy, cotton, beetroot, sorgo, and other which form and weight are similar to the previous one. Simultaneous fertilization with mineral fertilizers is recommended. The drill is coupled with tractors of 1,4 kN equipped by automatic hitch, threepoint hoist and power take off shaft rotation speed 1000 rpm.

Basic specification

Working width, m 2,7…4,2
Number of rows, psc 6
Productivity, hectares per hour 1,9…4,2
Width of row-space  
basic, cm 70
positional, cm 45,50,60
Width of row-space for entering of mineral fertilizers, cm 45, 50, 60,70
Hopper capacity for seeds, dm3 20
Hopper capacity for mineral fertilizers, dm3 30
Overall dimensions 1650 × 4000 × 2200
Mass, kg 700

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