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Acceptance of grain

Rated decisions provide fast (both lateral, and back) unloading of vehicles.

Clearing of grain

JSC Lidselmash selects to everyone plant systems of clearing of grain so that to provide optimum conditions for preliminary and intensive clearing, and also sorting of grain.

Drying of grain

Complexes of JSC Lidselmash provide safe process of drying owing to what biological qualities of grain are kept all.

Transportation of grain

The main feature of the complex of JSC Lidselmash is skill of a combination of devices so that to make possible a course of several processes simultaneously (reception, drying, pour, delivery of grain).

Storage of grain

Silos guarantee safe and long storage of grain. They can be established separately or in sections.

Flat-bottomed capacities SPA

Provisional loading ability: from 95 up to 4700 tons

Buffering of wet grain

With the purpose of maintenance of corresponding quantity of grain for round-the-clock work, the complex is equipped by the bunker (one or several) which during drying is used for accumulation of wet grain, and during other period it can be used as a warehouse for long storage of grain.

Unloading of grain

JSC Lidselmash offers some ways of a fast unloading of grain from the complex.

Management and automatics of the complex

Complexes are equipped by the modern automated control panel.

Knowledge, technology, experience

Lidselmash meet the client so often, as it is required to help to configure optimum the drying and cleaning complex.