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Storage of grain

Silos guarantee safe and long storage of grain. They can be established separately or in sections. The case of silos in the form of the cylinder is executed from the zinced steel leaf. Application of a flat leaf prevents sedimentation of grain on walls of silos. The roof and the tight case of silos protect grain from atmospheric precipitation, birds and rodents. A silo give an opportunity to preserve kept grain owing to compulsory ventilation with vertical air circulation from the layers of grain placed on a floor, up to put under a roof.

The process equipment of silos includes the slot-hole floor, airing fans, the devices allocating a moisture from under a roof, deflectors, measuring -controlling devices (for example for the control of temperature of grain), system of unloading of a silo.

The wide spectrum of the sizes of made JSC Lidselmash of silos (from 500 up to 7 000 tons) enables to create many configurations that allows to provide corresponding capacity of all grain complex depending on a place which is intended for the investment. Grain complexes are adapted for simultaneous storage of different kinds of grain.


Standard equipment

  1. Engorgement
  2. Cover of a silo
  3. Lateral walls
  4. Airing aperture
  5. The inspection hatch on a roof
  6. The Bottom inspector hatch

Additional equipment

  • System of airing of grain (a floor, the airing device, deflators on a roof)
  • External ladder with protective arches
  • Intermediate platform according to safety precautions regulations and protection of work
  • Airing fans
  • Underground transport system
  • The raking up conveyor
  • Gallery above a silo
  • Particulate transport system
  • Gauges of a level of filling
  • System of measurement of temperature
  • Computer management with visualization


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